Tips to get best Personal Injury Accident Settlement

Personal Injury Accident Settlement TipsThe Insurance Company’s goal is to give you as little compensation as possible for your RI Personal injury Claim. Insurance Adjusters will attempt to delay processing your claim. They will search for inconsistencies in your medical records and your description of the Rhode Island Auto Accident. Rhode Island Personal injury Attorney, David Slepkow has 15 years of experience negotiating with the Insurance Company to get you the best Personal injury Settlement.

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Here are some tips to get the best RI Accident Settlement:

1)  Some RI Car Accident Attorneys are too afraid to file a lawsuit to get you the compensation you deserve.  Rhode Island Personal injury Attorney, David Slepkow  401-437-1100 will file a lawsuit if necessary in order to get you the best RI Car Crash settlement. A Lawsuit costs the Insurance Company more money to resolve your claim. In many cases the Insurance Company would rather increase the personal injury or slip and fall settlement offer then pay a big legal fee to their RI Lawyers.

2) The Insurance Company will not pay you for time periods when you are not receiving medical treatment. According to Insurance Adjusters, if you are not treating you’re not hurting. Do not have unnecessary medical treatment. However, follow your doctor, chiropractor and medical provider’s advice. Get all the medical treatment that you need!

3) Do not provide blanket signed medical releases to the Insurance Company. Your Rhode Island Automobile Accident Lawyer will collect your medical records and send them to the Insurance adjuster.